world of Geanlaecan

The world of Geanlaecan is a world of many interesting phenomena. The first place to start discussion would be the twin suns. The White Sun is a small star (about a quarter the size of Earth’s Sun), and glows a bright white oolor. This sun brings light and heat to the world. The second Red Sun is much larger, gives off a dark red light and very little heat.

The red star always hangs in the sky over the central continent, and by extension the northern and southern continents as well. But most notable to those who don’t live on the world is the length of the day. Although sentient beings rely on a typical sleep cycle (16 hours of rest and 8 hours of sleep for humans, 20 hours of sleep and 4 hours of trance for the elves, etc.), a day actually lasts two week by earth standards. Seven “cycles” of darkness, followed by seven “cycles” of light. When the white star passes behind the red star over the central continent, the sun is blocked out for an entire cycle. The world is awash in ruddy red light from the Red star over the central continent, which is considered a good time for magic and divination.

Geanlaecan is a turbulent world by the standards of relatively soft earth dwellers. Volcanism is much more active, and geothermal energy is used to heat homes and water in the more civilized regions. Mountains are taller and sharper, and the terrain tends to be more rugged. However, brilliant auroras can be seen at all hours of day or night, with them very intense at nightfall anywhere regardless of latitude.

The world also has one more pattern of note: the world has alternating patterns of entire decades (by earth standards) of cooler, wetter weather and hot, dry weather. At the start of the campaign, the dry decade has ended, and the wet one has begun.

Finally, some note must be made on timekeeping of the world. Although the hours of the day aren’t relevant, they do measure things in “cycles”. A Cycle is simply one cycle of wakefulness and resting. Fourteen cycles equals one day (seven of light, seven of darkness), two hundred and sixty days is one season, and two seasons makes one year (1 Geanlaecan year = 20 Earth years, for those keeping track)

Magical Theory

world of Geanlaecan

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